Areas of Expertise

What we do:

At Roloff Attorneys Inc., we believe in a collaborative approach to helping our clients navigate complex legal challenges. Our team of experts takes the time to understand your unique needs and circumstances, and we work closely with you to develop a customized legal strategy that fits your goals and budget. We take a comprehensive approach that covers every stage of the construction process, from conception to close out, ensuring that we deliver value at every step. With our innovative thinking and analytical strategy, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and helping you overcome and remove any obstacles.

Legal/Commercial Risk Assessments

We prepare legal/commercial risk assessments on contracts and tenders wherein we identify the areas of exposure to risk, contractual terms and conditions we consider onerous and unfair and advise our clients of alternative provisions.  We also assist with negotiations of contractual terms and finalising of agreements.

Artwork of a construction site

Contract Drafting

Drafting of main agreements, subcontractor agreements, supply agreements, EPCM and EPC agreements, service level agreements, consortium agreements, joint venture agreements etc.  (NEC, FIDIC, JBCC, GCC and bespoke agreements).


Advice on contractual entitlements, advice on claims procedures, preparation of claims including an analysis of delays and disruptions, and quantification of costs, as well as drafting of defences to claims.

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Dispute Resolution

Advice on the dispute resolution procedures, preparation of statements of claims and defense’s, counterclaims for adjudication and arbitration proceedings.  Assistance with dispute resolution negotiations and drafting of settlement agreements. We also render litigation services pertaining to summons, and motions such as interdicts and declaratory orders.


Transfers of properties, bond registrations, bond cancellations, property developments, township registrations, subdivisions and consolidations.


We provide training on a variety of courses (standard and customized) including but not limited to NEC, FIDIC, JBCC, GCC, comparison between construction contracts, alternative dispute resolution, construction adjudication, construction claims, delay, disruption and
extension of time, etc.

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